Hot Plum Sauce  image
Hot Plum Sauce
A sweet, rich and fruity hot sauce with deep plum flavours e...
Chilli Ketchup  image
Chilli Ketchup
A super-rich and tangy tomato sauce with a mild chilli hit. ...
BBQ Sauce  image
BBQ Sauce
Sweet and sour with a hint of smoke and just enough chilli-h...
Hot Sauce  image
Hot Sauce
A few drops go a long way, this sauce is not for the faint-h...
Chilli Jelly  image
Chilli Jelly
A delicious sweet & mild chilli jelly. 190g
Chilli Mug image
Chilli Mug
The perfect mug for chilli-lovers
Chilli Tea Towel image
Chilli Tea Towel
For the chilli cook's kitchen